Ep. 10 – Georgia O’Keeffe


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Mentioned In the Show

Jimsen Weed / White Flower No. 1 – Georgia O’Keeffe, 1932
Cow Skull on Red, White, and Blue – Georgia O’Keeffe, 1931
The Steerage – Alfred Stieglitz, 1907
Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into the Met. Museum? 1989 by Guerrilla Girls
Guerrilla Girls Campaign Poster
Guerrilla Girls Campaign Poster

Further Viewing

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Georgia O’Keeffe – Living Modern by Wanda M. Corn
Georgia O’Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place
Dinner with Georgia O’Keeffe: Recipes, Art, & Landscape
Georgia O’Keeffe and the Calla Lily in American Art, 1860-1940




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